5-Minute Core Strengtheners

You’re busy, and you can see that, with the holiday season on the horizon, you’re about to get even busier. All you have to do is walk into about any store and see the holiday décor out as a reminder.

And while it’s a bit premature to start thinking about specific holiday festivities, one thing you can start thinking about is setting yourself up for success for a healthier next few months.

One way to do so is to make sure you take time to keep fit, and an area that is important to maintain is the body’s core. In fact, it’s important to train the variety of core abdominal muscles effectively, providing support to the spine. However, core strength is not limited to the abdominal muscles. It also includes the glutes, hips, pelvic floor and scapula.

So, even in the midst of your busy—and about-to-get-busier—schedule, keep fit.

Here’s a quick 5-minute core-strengthening regimen to perform so you can get on your way:

1. Prone Bridge (Plank)

While face down, balance on the tips of your toes and elbows and maintain a straight line throughout your body. Be sure to not let your belly sag. The plank is one of the best exercises for core strengthening, but it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture and improves balance. Maintain this pose for one minute.

2. Lateral Bridge (Side Plank)

Start on your side and press up with your right arm. Form a bridge maintaining a straight line from your hand to your foot. Rest on your elbow to increase the difficulty. This exercise improves core stability and strengthens the muscles at the outside of the hip and thigh. Maintain this pose for one minute on each side.

3. Supine Bridge (Hip Thrust)

While lying on your back, raise your hips so that only your head, shoulders and feet are touching the floor. The supine bridge focuses on lumbar stability and hip extension as well as the gluteal muscles, which help to maintain pelvic control. Hold this pose for one minute.

4. Pelvic Thrusts

Lie on your back with your legs bent 90 degrees at the hip. Slowly lift your hips off the floor and towards the ceiling. Lower your hips to the floor. Repeat for one minute.

So, for the days you’re short on time now and in the coming weeks, perform this 5-minute core-strengthening regimen.

To avoid injury risk, be sure to seek advice directly from your physician, especially if you have existing medical issues, before beginning any exercise or nutritional program. Additionally, stretch following exercise to avoid muscle and joint tightness.


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