10 Ways to Get REAL Nutrition into Your Life

Juice Booster

Add a scoop of our Multi Metabolite or Fermented SuperJuice powders and shake vigorously. Doing so will boost your juice or water into a REAL functional beverage. We even love “cold-brewing” overnight—with a little planning ahead, you can create your own real nutrition “tea”—perfect for that morning pick-me-up.

Smoothie Booster

A Fermented SuperJuice or Multi Metabolite infusion is a great way to boost your already nutrient-packed smoothie. Check out some of Jordan’s favorite recipes and take your smoothies to the next level.

Kombucha Booster

Kombucha is a fermented tea celebrated for its health benefits and could be called a cultural phenomenon. Boost this functional beverage with even more fermented nutritive power (we love Multi Metabolite Cleanse in our “Bucha”).

Coconut Water Booster

It’s a wildly-popular and all-natural way to hydrate, and replenish potassium. Why not amplify your coconut water with a Multi Metabolite or Fermented SuperJuice boost?

Tea Booster

No matter how you take your tea—take it to the next level with Get Real Nutrition. Add your favorite Multi Metabolite powder for a real food nutrition boost.

Nut Milks

A go-to for the non-dairy crowd, almond and coconut milk are now everywhere, and can become even more nutritious with the addition of your favorite Get Real Nutrition powder.

Cultured Dairy or Veggie Booster

We all need more culture in our lives, right? Whether you love cultured dairy, cultured non-dairy beverages or fermented veggies… don’t be afraid to “unleash the power of nature” and mix in some Fermented SuperJuice powder. Even the best functional foods and beverages can use a little help.

Bowl Booster

Acai and Pitaya Bowls are one of the hottest trends in health—even though they are often served raw, Fermented SuperJuice or Multi Metabolite powders can raise the bar on these amazing superfood sensations.

Breakfast or Lunch Booster

Sprouted dry cereal and oatmeal are popular, convenient breakfast options. Adding Fermented SuperJuice or Multi Metabolite powder to these traditional and quick recipes will get your morning started on the right path.

Get Real Nutrition powders can be added to soups and broths, and Jordan’s even working on some top-secret recipes for baking (gluten-free of course).

Post-Workout Booster

Immediately after you exercise, your body begins to repair and rebuild, but it needs your help. You likely have a protein shake or high protein meal in mind. Work Multi Metabolite and Fermented SuperJuice powders into your post-workout routine for a boost of real nutrition.

Ready for Real Food Nutrition but still not quite sure where to get started?

You can build step by step, level by level or by individual product.

We call it Real Food Nutrient Stacking, and there’s no wrong way to do it – just Get Started with Get Real Nutrition!

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