Frequently Asked Questions

• Where are your products made?

All of our key ingredients are produced in our certified organic indoor nutrient farm located on the central coast of California and packaged in southern, CA.

• Where can I purchase your products?

Go to our store locator and type in your zip code. It will provide the closest stores in your area. Be sure to refresh your search every week as more and more stores will be carrying our products. CLICK HERE for the store locator.

• Where can I get more information about your products?

Please e-mail customer service at [email protected].

• Are your products only available in the United States?

Currently our products are only available on the mainland of the United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

• Are your products/supplements suitable for children?

These products are not intended for children.

• What does ‘allergen 8 free’ mean?

The following list below is considered the eight common allergens: Crustacean Shellfish, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat. Our formulas do not contain any of these products.

• Where is the Heal the Planet Farm located?

This 350-acre organic regenerative permaculture retreat is located in Koshkonong, MO.

• Do you have certifications to validate your 10 promises?

To learn more about our third-party certifications, please click HERE.

• Is there a patent on any of your products?

Yes! Our unique formulations are protected by one issued and multiple pending patents.

• What is the best by date for your products?

Our products are best consumed within two years of manufacture. Below is a list of our recent Lot codes and the date(s) they were manufactured.

Federal regulations do not require the use of dietary product expiration dates. However, our goal is to provide dates on all of our products as soon as possible. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, we need to have quantifiable stability data before representing an expiration date on packaging. We are working that process now that we have produced “Lot 1” and future packaging runs will include expiration dates, once we have the data.

Please note the Lot code on your pouch and match with the corresponding manufacturing date. We recommend consuming the product within two years of that date.


• Who can I talk to about selling your products?

Please e-mail customer service at [email protected], or call 888-260-5088 for further information.

• How can I become a Retail Partner?

We are excited about your interest in partnering with Get Real Nutrition! Please join us in the Revolution of Regeneration. To open an account, please fill out the document below and submit it along with all necessary documentation to our Customer Service Department by e-mail: [email protected] or fax: 561.228.0780. Once they receive the information, our Sales Representative for your region will be in contact with you soon!



• Want to feature Get Real Nutrition in a Blog?

Thank you for your interest in our products. Please CLICK HERE for our submission form.


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